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Recently, I’ve been hired to work on a creative project that has and will continue to require all of my writing time for the next couple of months. No specifics can be given at this time, but I will be making a big announcement when the project is complete and ready for consumption. Naturally, this means that I will not be releasing anything until this new project has been brought to fruition in the high quality that it deserves. This is an extremely exciting time for me in my writing career. I’m grateful to have you all in my audience. Thank you all!


Andrew Michael Flynn

Trees On Fire


So now it’s the day after Labor Day in 2015, here we are. How’s your summer? Did you have a good summer? Did you do the things that you wanted to do? Yeah, a little bit? Some of you, yeah, probably not? You had some ice cream and you went to a beach a few times? Right on. Finished that video game you wanted to beat? Well done. I’m genuinely happy for you that you did that thing. Your job and school situation going well for you? Maybe not? Well, that’s okay. We’re still here, you and I. Some of us left over the summer and aren’t coming back. Met some new folks during the summer, they’ll be a part of your life now. Three months is a season in this part of the world, mine is the Pacific Northwest. Maybe in your part of the world the seasons are longer or shorter, but that’s okay. See, everything is okay. We’ve got music. There are trees. Uh oh, some of those trees are on fire, but that’s okay, because we pay taxes for firefighters and they’re helping people out and putting out those fires. So now it’s September 8th, and I feel good.

I genuinely feel good. I flew off of social media for about five weeks there. Had to take a break from the Digital Zeitgeist. Recharge a little. Read some books. Got deeper into some projects. Understand some people more than I did. I’m employing shorter sentences because I want to listen more. I think that’s going to be a great thing for the long game, listening more. During improv rehearsals and shows, you listen a lot, that makes you a good player, because then you can react to the situation and apply your wit and other skills to make that scene work. Make the audience get it. Make them pleased. Must please your audience, and that’s a real thing. A genuine fact. It probably comes off as sarcastic or angry, but that’s not the case right now. That’s an impassioned realization thing. And I mean it loudly. Not like loudly in the sense that you’re blasting your speakers at 4am and annoying your neighbors, but loudly in the sense that you know something is clear and true and genuine and you want to share it with others so it hits them just like when it hit you first as a thing you want to have in your life.

It’s almost 2016. Can you believe that? I mean, we’ve got less than four months left of 2015, and that just started like a few days ago it seems like. I started my year off on the road and in Fresno, California. Where did you start it off? Where are you going to end it? I don’t know where I’m going to end it. Seems like a long time from now, the end of December. We should at least be safe and kind to others so we can get there. Do good things. Maybe don’t do so many bad things, and if you do, find some way to equalize that bad thing with a good thing. Or maybe just don’t do the bad thing anyway. The end of 2015, or any year, really, isn’t the end of anything at all. It’s just one way to classify a time period and a group of events that was encapsulated by the label of the year. Makes it easier to digest. Celebrate the good things we have. And if you feel like you’ve got to work on something, then let’s work on it. Let’s talk about it, get some common ground. Make great things. Build them. And then tear down the things that aren’t working. Deconstruct them gently, however. Nobody needs more trees on fire outside of the normal deforestation methods that the real lumberjacks of our world do. Let’s keep most of the trees. They’re tall, they’ve been around, let’s take their oxygen and then plant more trees. We didn’t create trees but they’re great to have. So maybe help plant a tree and that’ll lead to the next good thing you do.

There are a lot of political things happening in the world. But, see that’s always the case. You’re just hearing about them more because it’s nearing time to have it be a sport that lots of people like to watch and enjoy. It’s a blood sport. Lots of casualties, lots of numbers, statistics, factions, clubs, passions, and lives that will be at stake. Almost the whole human experience. Power will change over. Power is a big thing. Have you ever had a lot of power? Do you have any right now? Yeah, a little power? Feels nice to have. Gives you a sense of control. Lots of people like control. Some people don’t like control, and that’s okay, too. Not everyone has to be like you. Not everyone has to be like anyone else, for that matter. Please don’t be like anyone else, that’s really boring. Who’d want that? Remember Mr. Rogers? He was smart and wants us all to be individuals. Not communists. Not anarchists. Not full-on socialists or anything like that. Just be individuals. Do things that help people while you’re being yourself. Most people like it when you’re who you are. And if you’re around people that don’t like it, and they’re jerks about it, then it’s probably time to get around different people. People who get you and want to support you. You’re probably not running for political office or anything, but there are people that like you and want to see you do good things. Plant some trees with those people. Those trees will be around longer than all of us, hopefully. Maybe one day, we’ll come to your town and see the trees that you planted. I know I will enjoy that, your hard work. Get some dirt and soil on your hands, lots of effort went into it. Good job, you planting a tree. Feels good. That’s a great thing you did. Feel that sense of accomplishment. Then, tomorrow you can get onto the next thing you’re doing. It’s best not to put off that next thing for too much longer, though. You just never know when you’ll have visitors.


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For my entire life, I have been inspired by those who didn’t take the predictable course. Those who didn’t go in pre-planned order to achieve what they said they were going to do. That paradigm never rang true for me. Only until recently did it become clear exactly why.

You learn to walk, ride a bike, go to school, get into college, fall in love, get a job, get married, get get get get get. You’re always getting things. You’re stacking things onto each other. Do you want all of these things in a prescribed order? Yeah, sure, let’s get things and spread the peanut butter to all sides of the toast, cool. (I think purging once in a while is a great thing, too.) I speak for only myself when I say that where I am now could never have been gotten to in any kind of order.

August 1st is the day that I’m deleting social media apps from my phone and browser bookmarks. Not forever, but until the morning of September 8th, right after Labor Day. I’m inspired by a few people in my life who have broken themselves away from the hourly onslaught of this information injection. Some have done it for a week, others as long as three and four months. The challenge to myself is to see if I can make it through those five weeks.

I don’t know if my creative productivity will increase or take me places that I didn’t know were possible, but it’s certainly a desired outcome of this. It should weed away a few of the more banal aspects of the Internet. As nice as it really is to have the convenience of being able to know pretty much anything, I do miss the moderation and attention of life that not having this readily available. The kind of thing like being able to read 100 pages of a book at one time, while only doing that. Writing for more than 20 minutes at a clip before focus is completely lost. I want to regain the muscle memory of that focus energy.

Maybe a different type of inspiration will get between my ears. New story ideas. Better story paths for the projects that I’m in. Another unpredictable course. The way I see it, if I can glean one new solid character arc from this different type of adventure, how could this not be worth doing?




Any writer worth their own salt will always have numerous projects going at the same time, or at least in the back of their work-filled brainspace ready to go at any moment. That’s the thing about salt, though…sometimes there isn’t a decent spice to be found at the table. So you’ve got to go shopping.

It’s rare, but it does exist that you will have no projects going at all for a brief period in your writing life. I’ve had it happen before, but it’s important to know that you always have two choices when such an thing occurs:

  1. Quickly find some way to be creative.
  2. Pull that eager revolver out of your desk drawer and do some serious thinking.

I hardly recommend the second option, and you’ll never use it unless you have other major issues at hand that are even making you consider that as a minute possibility. Live, dammit. Live, and create!

Personally, I’ve figured a way to always have two projects going simultaneously. Pivoting to a second project for any number of reasons has been both fruitful and a welcome break from what can end up as the being encumbered by the monotony of being emerged in a single project. These reasons can be and are not limited to:

  1. You hate the current trajectory of your output on the first project.
  2. It’s hard to figure out all the plot points of your story.
  3. One or a few of your characters are just outright dickholes.
  4. You’re trying to figure out how to kill off the dickholes but are just not sure.

One of the best things about creating things is that there’s always something to create. And if you’re hard up for an idea, try doing what filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson does: have two characters sit in a diner drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes and build a scene from there. I love this because the two characters could be anyone, and be talking about anything…or they could just be staring at each other with incredible tension and not uttering a single damn word.


I’m finishing up working on American Sag, out in October. Regular posts to @drewisawriter resume on September 8th. Thanks again for your readership.

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