In A Chicago Alley

I suppose all of us get our comeuppance in the end, somehow. Last Fall, I was in Chicago. I had been there for two days when I found myself walking down Clark Street on a particularly windy day. Derr, it’s a big city near the Great Lakes and in the […]




“The garden is the story of our lives,” says the Miracle-Gro ad that plays almost every time I want to watch a video on YouTube. After ignoring it for the first three million times by clicking SKIP AD on the bottom-right, Miracle-Gro got me. She got me. I used to eat […]


Up until a few weeks ago, I thought nothing lasted forever. It was short-sighted to think this way. In Josh Radnor’s excellent 2010 film, happythankyoumoreplease, his character sits with an old buddy at a bar in the middle of the day. Radnor says to his buddy that no matter how […]




More than ever, each of us get swept up in our own lives. After all, we capital-H Humans are at the top of the Everything Chain. That’s why narcissism is one of our most identifiable traits, besides having the ability to speak and understanding how opposable thumbs isn’t alluding to […]