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A hundred years ago, I was a student at Arizona State University. Part of the Whatever-The-Fuck degree requirements I was trying to fulfill before changing my major again said that I needed a humanities credit. Good for them and their curriculum, you know? After sitting through a 25-minute meeting with my academic advisor, I was […]

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The following thoughts originated on my @drewisawriter Twitter account during the evening of 2/15/15: Hello. I’m pleased to know so many of you on Twitter. The last five years has been something for networking and for my career. The next five years will hopefully outshine the previous. This all being said, I need to release […]

Comedy Muscle

Written February 4, 2015 So I gave up my first stand-up spot here in Portland just now. I don’t feel good about the material I’ve written, which was just on Sunday night, mind you. I don’t have it memorized and will be damned if I go on stage not knowing my own shit. That’s a […]



Paralyzed 4

Well, it happened this week. I had so many things going on at once both in my office and on my phone that it caused me to space out for a good seven minutes. Seven minutes that not only will I never get back, but this was time that became my own hellish fugue state. […]