Any writer worth their own salt will always have numerous projects going at the same time, or at least in the back of their work-filled brainspace ready to go at any moment. That’s the thing about salt, though…sometimes there isn’t a decent spice to be found at the table. So […]



I find myself still being surprised at others’ choices of inaction. These are the same people who constantly gripe why their own lives are not going the direction that they want to. This is the problem with being inside your own head. If it wasn’t for a few smart decisions, […]

The Release Date, Part 1

May 26 is finally here. I knew it’d come more quickly than anticipated, but Jesus Christ, it got here very fast. I made an executive decision about This Was The Beginning, and that is to release it in two volumes. The first volume is out today, the second on June […]

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It’s May 9th as I write this. I’m sitting across the table from my fiancée of just over a month as we have some kind of weird Saturday night laptop session of sorts. I’m working on formatting This Was The Beginning, and she’s looking up recipes like a pro after […]