Subversion 1

I was walking down 18th Avenue in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of Portland yesterday and saw where Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening had inscribed a doodle (see below) of Bart Simpson and the year of his high school graduation. Inspiration strikes in the damnedst of places, even when you’re just on a healthy jog. After getting […]

Groening 011115 final

PDX Park

Concluding An Existential Crisis

…so that’s what I did, I moved to Portland, Oregon. Wind the clock back a few months. I was pretty unhappy in my current state of being back in the Fall. Clutter became overwhelming. Direction was aimless. Opportunity was elsewhere. After selling 80% of my possessions, I took to the open road for a little […]

The Shit Or Get Off The Pot Time 1

Rarely comes a time that a person is afforded such a confluence of events that it allows them to step into a new role entirely, that of one of their own destiny. I’m about to do just that. It’s going to take a full calendar month. December is going to be time of change in […]

It's within reach.


The Fluke In Our Stars

by BRIAN DALY My friend Charity and I were heading to the Hayden Planetarium, located at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  We were going to see the film Dark Matter, a short documentary about the 95% of matter in the universe we can’t see.  Besides trying to wrap my head […]