Scattered Thoughts About Prince

Prince is dead.

Most of us look for fairness in this life. We try to equalize things where we don’t try to get a leg up on one another. While there is competition, there is also taking time to sit back and allow someone else’s talent and persona just completely blow you away. Prince did this.

I absolutely hate that we have to refer to Prince in the past tense now. The man was only 57 years old. Talent like his doesn’t die at 57. A person like him doesn’t die early. It feels like it’s just not fair.

Prince was the 1980s. The 1990s. The new millenium. Prince was modern rock. Prince was eclecticism. Prince was live. Prince was inside you. Prince is still inside you. Even though he’s gone from this earth now, he’s always going to be around.


Purple Rain is a movie that everyone who loves music should watch. It’s also not a bad movie. Entertaining and definitely a single-vision piece of work. I think it’s enjoyable.

Prince was an entertainer for adults. The themes in his music were sometimes as complex as he was. There was flair, there was real blood on the stage, there was absolute talent.

He knew how to play every instrument in his music. How does a person commit themselves to such heights? Some of us could live to be a thousand and not be able to wrap their heads around a fact like this.

Today’s a weird day in the world. It’s exactly one year since my now-wife came up to Portland so that we could start our lives together. I was interviewed on Skype as a professional writer. I cranked out 2,300 words so far. There’s so much other work to do. There’s stories to tell. There’s being prolific to achieve. You can do a lot of things in a short time period. We’re only really getting started.

Let’s be prolific and continue to tell great stories. But let’s be clear: there will never be another singular talent like Prince.


The End Of Tax Stuff

It was a productive day. All the taxes for done, forms were filled out, advisors are happy, things are thinged, and now it’s time for a weekend.

I was successful at not procrastinating anymore in ordering new business cards. I’m pretty happy with the design and hope the printer doesn’t screw them up like they have before. I’m optimistic that they’ll turn out well, even though the preceding statement was an exercise in cynical negativity.


Getting chilly tonight, but it’ll be warm warm warm here in Portland over the next week or so. Tonight’s a good night to relax. Be well, everyone.


Solid Launch, Much Noise

Busy can’t begin to describe how today was. While the duties were wall-to-wall, I can safely say a lot got done. AndrewStories is live and ready to take on anything.

There is so much unnecessary noise during this presidential campaign. As long as we reflect and realize that we’re watching a sport, we are all going to be just fine. To anyone who thinks that the primaries are civil and full of ethics, you’re in the wrong. You’re just wrong. You could not be more wrong.

Sports are loud. Sports have endless statistics. Sports have fanatics. Sports have politics. Politics are a sport in 2016. Eh…politics have been a sport forever, who are we kidding?

Tonight, I’m going to bed with a book in my hand and two melatonin caps in my belly. Here’s to a great night’s sleep.