May 9


It’s May 9th as I write this. I’m sitting across the table from my fiancée of just over a month as we have some kind of weird Saturday night laptop session of sorts.

I’m working on formatting This Was The Beginning, and she’s looking up recipes like a pro after we’ve just enjoyed the 2009 major motion picture JULIE & JULIA. Great movie, seriously. Wonderful storytelling, just enough biting wit and political criticism to keep someone like me interested. So here we sit at nearly 11pm here in our little suburban castle.

I didn’t write anything for this past Monday: apologies to the many of you. I know that you crave this word salad of juxtaposed writer-angst and saucy, meaty content on your Monday morning. OR DO YOU?! I don’t know. Leave comments if you do. Criminy. Internet work fun.

The last month here in this Oregon paradise has easily been one for the books. It’s not every day that you move in with the love of your life and get all domesticated after searching for 33-some years for your better half. But that’s what it’s been. And it’s been heavenly, even though I’m an avowed atheist.

I’ve got my first three books on my mind right about now, and have for all of this calendar year thus far…among so many other things, of course. All three of 188, This Was The Beginning, and American Sag have all had their respective interests blasting through my head as of late. So here’s updates about them and all the things:

188: I loved writing this book. It’s done well on Amazon and Smashwords, and I’m working furiously as time permits to get it out in paperback form. After having gotten about 180 rejection letters since the very idea blasted into my head about the very book back three years ago, I’m putting some of my own dough up front and making some trade paperback copies that are 6”x9”. Reformatting it from a 8.5”x11” word document has been very arduous, to say the least. So this is a thing, and if I have druthers and time this week, it will be finished, meaning that the paperback copies will be available in early June. Excitement!

This Was The Beginning: So many false starts with this one. No more, though: this is a 50-chapter book that is a total satire of The Bible’s Book Of Genesis. It’s finally in the form that I want it to be in. It’ll be coming May 26th if all things work like they should*. Editing is done. Formatting is done. It’s beautiful. 17 days and it’ll be ready to go on Amazon and Smashwords. Paperback versions will be available a little time after that.

American Sag: I largely wrote this over the last six months and have one single goshdern draft done. One draft doesn’t make a good book, this I learned the hard way. So after the preceding two projects get completed, I’m tackling this one so incredibly hard in mid-June throughout the summer. I want to release it in all forms on October 5th, and I really hope the timing works out as such. Who knows at this point. I’ve always wanted to have a Fall release for a book like this, and it will be the flagship book for my young book-publishing career. I’m so excited to share a complex and futuristic-yet-not-so-unfamiliar story with you. I’m also pretty sure that nothing like this book has ever been written. At least I’m saying that now. Subsequent drafts may prove otherwise. Until then, I’m saying that pure joy and elation are abound in the 350-or-so pages that this tome will offer. And yes, I’m calling it a tome. Because I can. Be critical, fine. As long as you’re reading my things, your license to be a critical voice is definitely granted.

More to come, as always. It’s already the middle of May. Time is a thing I still don’t understand being a few months shy of 34 years on this planet. Much love for now, cheers.



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