April 6

15 Items Or Less: Part 1

For the month of April, I am posting the four connecting parts of “15 Items Or Less”, which is a story selection from my first novel, “188” (soon to be out in print!). Each part has exactly 188 words, with a new part to post each Monday.


While at least the entire front of the grocery store had halted operations, other shoppers in the middle and back of the store remained clueless as to the reality that would eventually face them as they proceeded to the checkout lane. Huddled shoppers whimpered, some quietly.

Clyde was a man of six feet, dressed in as much black as a human being could possibly be adorned in. Gloves, jacket, boots, Kevlar, you name it. Oh, and his gun was black too. His very big gun, that of the Colt .45 variety. There wasn’t a very much more effective way to use this getup and this weapon besides what Clyde was doing right now: robbing the grocery store.

A few new corpses lay near the register that Clyde was emptying furiously, that of the nearest bag-boy and two unfortunate shoppers. Had they decided to shop anywhere else that day, they’d surely be alive. It was at the very hands of Clyde that he deemed the exact opposite. Because when an armed man dressed all in black holds up your neighborhood grocery store, your odds of survival just became less.


PART 2  |  PART 3  |  PART 4


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