April 13

15 Items Or Less: Part 2

For the month of April, I am posting the four connecting parts of “15 Items Or Less”, which is a story selection from my first novel, “188” (soon to be out in print!). Each part has exactly 188 words, with a new part to post each Monday.


“Why don’t you just take what you want and get out of here?” whimpered a woman, shaking from what she had just witnessed.

Clyde stopped shaking the register’s till into his large sack, chucking it onto the nearby manager’s desk. He slithered carefully over to the outspoken lady, and she predictably cowered once he brushed his gun’s barrel across her aged cheeks.

“Because I want to cause people pain, you loud bitch,” said Clyde. “And now I have a place to cause pain, and that is in your life.”

Clyde clipped his words, as he figured silence was due. The fear quotient would be higher among the shopping patrons that were still with their lives. Ah, to hell with silence.

“Will you please be done with this?” the woman begged, to which Clyde leaned in, intimidating her more.

“Oh, Jesus Christ, please, no!” she whimpered softly.

The barrel now at her right temple, Clyde pulled the trigger. The spray of life and brain was immediate, and fierce. Milliseconds, it took, to get things that weren’t dark red to that very color. The woman’s body collapsed onto the floor.


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