April 20

15 Items Or Less: Part 3

For the month of April, I am posting the four connecting parts of “15 Items Or Less”, which is a story selection from my first novel, “188” (soon to be out in print!). Each part has exactly 188 words, with a new part to post each Monday.


Sullen and sober, Clyde drew his Colt back. There was much more to do, now that he absolutely had everyone’s full and undivided attention.

The dispatched woman’s body lay on the floor, directly in the way of Clyde’s direction of walking. He figured that he had enough clout to get his hostages to do some of his bidding at this point in the game. Because, to Clyde, it was all a game in his warped head.

“You and you, fuckheads, drag this whore’s body out of the way, and get a mop,” he said to two of his hostages. “Clean some of that blood up, make this walkway not slippery. Got that? Go!”

The two hostages scrambled to their feet and moved almost too fast. Inside of two minutes, Clyde’s bidding was nearly completed, and he stood up from his current position, which was leaning back and watching the two do their commanded work.

“That’s some fine work, fellas. Go grab a Snickers bar or something and get your worthless faces back on the floor. Now.”

The poor hostages didn’t take their prize. Clyde watched them lay flat.


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