April 27

15 Items Or Less: Part 4

For the month of April, I am posting the four connecting parts of “15 Items Or Less”, which is a story selection from my first novel, “188” (soon to be out in print!). Each part has exactly 188 words, with a new part to post each Monday.


While it was only six minutes after Clyde had single-handedly commandeered the entire store, he took one of those minutes to check the aisles to make sure there were no heroes waiting in the wings. Upon a second once-over of the aisles, he sped quickly back to the front of the store to count his hostages. Still 23 of them, all facing the floor and doing exactly as they’ve been told up to this point in time.

“Wow, you’re really quite a group of citizens here. Doing everything I say. This is what lemmings are. Anyone familiar with lemmings? Ya fucking worthless human beings. Every one of you, with your frequent shopper cards and your safe homes to go to. Get it clear, fuckheads. I despise every one of you.”

“And I despise you,” called out a voice from a corner of the store Clyde hadn’t exactly checked.

A shot rang out, just as the hero-in-waiting was saying this. It pierced Clyde’s forehead with such accuracy, he was dead before his body plunked on the ground.

“Sergeant Collins, everyone,” he said. “Off-duty police officer. The danger is over.”


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