December 19

1500 Words A Day Isn’t Bullshit

I don’t know that there’s another way to write besides to actually do it. There are people in this life who say that they are something else entirely. They say that they’re entrepreneurs, that they’re salesmen among men, that they are the CEO of a company. But of what companies are they these things? A lot of things and people aren’t who they claim to be.

People lie. Not only do people lie, people live their lies. Some do it quite well. These people are posers. Posers can be any sort of person. You’re probably friends with posers already. Perhaps even family members with some. It can get uncomfortable, being around them. Listening to their bullshit. Having to entertain their wild ideas and theories.

You can be whoever that you want to be. But work at it. If you work at it, you’ll have a story to tell. The story of your work. Your story might be boring as all get out, or it might be worth telling at a gathering of your nearest and dearest. Not only will you have the story under your belt to use at your disposal, you will have a second story in addition: the story of how your work ethic accomplishes the thing that you are proud to share.

There’s a holiday break coming up. A lot of us will take a week or so and be with friends and family. Some of us will hunker down and work a lot of overtime at our jobs, maxing out their next paycheck the best they can. Even fewer of us will climb under a rock and wait for the impending Mayan Apocalypse because the 13th Baktun is at its end. Silly geese. Being that it is the end of something, there is a call for a pause, to take stock of what we have. And what we want in 2013.

I want to be surrounded by creative people while getting better at my own craft of writing. This website is one thing, the scripts are another, and this other manuscript that I’m working on is completely engulfing. On top of that, there are friends in need and family to be around.

So while there won’t be posts here beginning next week until January 6th, I’m pleased to close out 2012 as a professional writer who occasionally gets compensated well and has personally had the pleasure of meeting people this year who have allowed me to get where I currently am. I do wish each and every one of you a wonderful and safe holiday season. Some of you may have already celebrated what you do, and the rest have yet to celebrate anything. I thank you for reading me here at, and know that I desire to keep you tuned in for what is to come in the unpredictable year of 2013 and beyond.




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