March 20

A Likely Trip To The Dentist


While I munch on a few of these Robin Eggs that Hershey’s rolls out every year for the Eastertimes, I can’t help but feel pain in my teeth. What? You’re supposed to suck on them? Son of a bitch!

It’s about three years ago this month that Robert McKee held his Story Seminar in Los Angeles. That was a weekend that blew my hair back and my face entirely off. I mean, I had to get a whole new face! Well, not really. But the tactics and experience that he shared with me and 600 other budding screenwriters is stuff that will serve a life’s worth of purposes. How to tell stories. How not to tell stories. How to get yelled at by an old man. How to get toldĀ Magnolia is a shitty movie. Sunk me, right there. Oh well, the work of Paul Thomas Anderson isn’t for everyone. Especially for frogs who wish to stay in the sky on a rainy San Fernando Valley night.

McKee says it takes about ten years to become a successful writer. Now, that’s a stat which is an average of the last 100 years worth of people who claimed the were screenwriters or writers who got paid. Or something. The point is, ten years is a really long time.

I’m still inside of my first ten years. There’s a little cabbage rolling in, and I’m definitely a professional at doing this by now. I love it, and wouldn’t rather be doing anything else. Even just writing a story for one person and having them enjoy it is more than worth the effort. It’s as satisfying as anything else is. Except the way the my teeth feel after chewing these damn Robin Eggs.

Sound off in the comments below. I want to hear where you are as a writer in this life. Are you doing well? Are you close to giving up? It’s time to pretend this is your Facebook Newsfeed…ready, go!


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