December 7

Announcement of The Subtractions & New 2016 Content


by ANDREW MICHAEL FLYNN  |  12:45pm Pacific

PORTLAND, Or. — That’s one of the things about gestation for a creative project. I know that you’re thinking, who the hell said anything about gestation? And how did I even end up on this website?


I’m glad you’re here. I found a path for American Sag, among other projects that will be mentioned in a bit. American Sag‘s path is one that had to happen this way.

For more than a year, I’ve worked feverishly on a manuscript that had to do with politics, the future, the ego of celebrity, and American cynicism as it pertains to these three very things, and how I think it’ll go for the next few decades. These ideas have been swimming in my head for years, and let to many false starts, rewrites, dead-ends, and realizations that I just had to let these ideas gestate for more time and let them form. Let a week go by here, and let me take three extra showers in this day there, that kind of thing. A writer does some of his best thinking about story construction in the shower, that’s the damn truth.

American Sag was always a working title that I thought would actually work until it didn’t serve the story and characters anymore. Of course, it never hurts to put AMERICA or AMERICAN in any title, as it’s an effective descriptor with high name-identification, which is perhaps why those dumb Donald Trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hats are so popular. So I put all of this down in the last few weeks, thought about it, made some trouble for some people, made a thousand and one apologies for bad behavior, and came to a better title.

I’m announcing my second complete book, The Subtractions, which will be available on Amazon, Smashwords, and paperback this February 29th.


The Subtractions tells the stories of a satirical American future where the new president is about to take the Oath of Office on Inauguration Day. The first duty that this new leader will discharge is to serve as the administrator to 16 people of notoriety as they enter the newly-discovered portal to Hell. Actual Hell. Once these 16 souls are banished, they will never be heard from again. Some of these 16 are resigned to their ultimate fate, and some will go kicking and screaming. Each of them will be stating their case, and be rest assured that The Subtractions leaves nothing out even when everyone’s all in.

I can’t wait to share this new book with you, it’s been a long time coming for sure.

Now, as far as other projects that I mentioned earlier, I’m defining their ultimate paths, too. This Was The Beginning was a book I released a few different ways in 2014 and 2015, to very little effectiveness (and market penetration). I had a wonderful time bringing it out, but the writing is on the wall about the content, which is a verse-by-verse satire of The Book of Genesis. All 50 chapters of it, too. Man, I’d love getting into other religious texts and do more of the same. Anyway, This Was The Beginning will be a weekly feature here on, every Friday starting in January. I’ll put up some graphics for it on my Facebook and Twitter as the time gets closer.


All of these things being said, the Four Minutes podcast launches January 4th on the PodBean Network. Each episode will be linked right here on the site too, so it’ll be very easy to find and listen to. I’m having great fun ramping up the production value for the show, so let’s listen to it and each other going forward in 2016.

It’s getting busy as ever, and now it’s getting loud, too.



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