April 7

Brief Hello & Branding Update

It’s a bright and warm day here in Portland, thanks for making the stop here today.

I’ve made a number of changes to this website and the brand of @drewisawriter in the last couple of days. You’ll notice that AndrewStories is front and center and now represents this blog and the podcast and the things that I write. This means that AndrewStories is going to be the co-brand with @drewisawriter and my own name for the time being.

There are numerous projects on my desk and in my brain to do. The NYTimes article about James Patterson using his gargantuan clout to write novella-length paperback books and hock them for $5 each certainly collided head-on with my current thinking of how I write and produce stories. It really does come down to the battle of art versus commerce. So while that’s ramping up, I’m increasing my own storytelling output as much as possible.

The Subtractions and 188 are still available at Amazon and Smashwords. Pick them up for a quality read. Plus, each of them are very funny in their own right. Click the links right below.

AMAZON: The Subtractions  |  SMASHWORDS: The Subtractions


Big things coming. I’m so pleased to have you with me on this ride.



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