October 24

Comfort Zones

A couple weeks ago I saw a commercial about a guy who ended up writing a children’s book about something awesome. As the story went along during its 60-second run, the guy tells us that no publisher would take his book at all. So, he does the self-publishing route and has Google Chrome guide him to eventual infamy as this author of this book which eventually got attention for him to realize his dream. And now this guy travels around reading this book to kids and has success. Who the fuck knows if this is a true story or not. But I like the principles of the idea enough to do something with it.

I doubt I’ll be alone in this, but I decided shortly after seeing this ad to take on the challenge of writing a kids’ book and bringing it to fruition. So that’s what I’m going to do. It’s hardly a hare-brained idea. I’m going in with no expectations. I’ve got a story down on blank pages, and have begun collaboration with a local illustrator whose artistic talent and experience far surpass mine. I’m lucky that time is permitting enough to do this, along with the other projects that I’m currently wrapped in.

A person’s comfort zone is something that should always be challenged. A comfort zone should be elastic, and hardly made of adamantium. Lately, the projects I’ve become involved in were chosen by me because getting into them caused me to get out of my comfort zone. The best part of doing this is that I’m realizing that the elastic knows no bounds whatsoever. This isn’t the elastic in my boxer-briefs, it’s the elastic of all motherfucking elastics. I’d have it no other way.

I hope you all have an excellent writing week. May it be productive, fruitful, and forever in the spirit of joy that true creativity reigns.


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