April 12

Cringe Again

Politicians. I don’t know why we still believe in our politicians.

Hillary and deBlasio were on stage and he alluded to the phrase “C.P. Time”, which means “Colored People Time”, which means no matter what the context, neither of them should have been trying to be funny in any respect.

They aren’t good politicians, and they certainly aren’t good comedians. I don’t know why politicians of any sort try to be ribald or edgy with their rhetoric, let alone why they try to put on cute little skits like they’re at the goddamn YMCA summer camp or something. It’s embarrassing, cringe-inducing, and further crystallizes that they shouldn’t be doing this.

Everything’s up in the air during an election year. The United States changes its shape. The America of 2017 will certainly not look like the America of 2015, I know that. And people still wonder why a pseudo-fascist like Donald Trump is part of the conversation at all.



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