July 17

First Thing We Do, Kill All The Negativity

Hi there. I’ve made some decisions. First of all, I’m back and am not going anywhere. There were a couple weeks that I was moving and shaking and doing a ton of things that might have meant the end of this site. But I took stock of things, and this is important to keep.

We all do that when we’re afforded the time. We take stock of the things we need. How many of us out there don’t take a breather every now and then to see what excess junk we can slice away from the pace at which we move ourselves. As it stands, there were a couple of decisions to make in my career about a month ago and diverging roads intersected. So I made the choices that needed to be made.

This will be a post-whenever-the-fuck-I-want-to site from this point on, until I deem it necessary to turn it to something else. For the first year, I was treating this as a central magazine-type hub for all things writing in my life and others. That worked for the time being, but it’s not the case anymore. My writing career is getting busier, and while that’s entirely an uptown problem, this site will serve as a different utility.

That being said, the death of James Gandolfini really knocked me down when he left us last month. It’s rare that an actor gives so much and performs to the caliber that he did…this made his passing that much more tragic. He wasn’t just The Sopranos, he was a complex body of work that demanded repeat viewings of his movies and television shows. In the past four weeks, I’ve gladly toasted my HBO GO account to the tune of everything he’s done for that channel…and it was nothing but a pure pleasure. It just really sucks when someone dies, anyone. It sucks more when someone you admire so much as a creative person and artist leaves us all, never to be in anything new again to consume and enjoy.

So I’ve tried to put all that aside. Death is a painful thing, but it is part of what we all do. Here in the limited time that we all have. Mortality is certain, just as the lives we live and the things we create. I want to create, just as you do.

In that vein, I completed a book which will be published in September. It’s a compilation of flash fiction that I’m really proud of. More on that as the date draws closer. Check out 188stories.com if you get a minute, there’s going to be a lot more on that site pretty soon. Elation is mine, and I want it to be yours too.

Life is great. I’m busier than I’ve ever been. I’m content, but of course I want to see just how far that this writing thing can take a person. Sure, the lows are low. But the highs are really fucking high. And it’s really nice to be on the right trajectory.




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