April 9

Get Books Now

This morning, I took my wife and dog to the other side of Beaverton to have some quality time at a dog park. Our puppy, Arrow, hadn’t been to one in over a month. He was racing around with other dogs for a good half-hour and then toppled over himself and sprained his ankle. Arrow is okay now, but he’s going to take it easy on his front left paw for the next few days. So that injury cut everything short, and we ended up getting Panera for lunch and watching My Cousin Vinny on Comedy Central for the 37th time while Arrow rested next to us on our couch.

Today’s a good day to hit the library. While I’ve put it off for nearly a week now, that’s a thing I’m doing right after the gym. Stock up on books. Make good reads for the next few weeks. A person can only run through their own bookshelf so many times before either dropping triple digits at a bookstore, or actually using their local library for its intended purpose.

Let’s read. None of us do it enough. It helps with the writing like supermegatime amounts.



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