February 16


The following thoughts originated on my @drewisawriter Twitter account during the evening of 2/15/15:

Hello. I’m pleased to know so many of you on Twitter. The last five years has been something for networking and for my career. The next five years will hopefully outshine the previous. This all being said, I need to release some of you fine Twitter folks, and the only reason is because we don’t share the same interests, that meaning productive creativity, writing, reading, knowledge.

My hallmark goal of having a Twitter account is to meet these kinds of people. Please pay it no mind if I unfollow you in the next two weeks. Being an efficient writer demands that my time is used wisely, so I need to do more of just that. If it happens that I do unfollow you and we’ve had great rapport / friendship, it’s unintentional and I’ll resolve it quickly.

This past Fall, I gave away 80% of my possessions and moved from Phoenix to Portland. Doing this has really opened my eyes as to what being effective and time-efficient really means. Anything is possible when you’re focused hard and true. Networking and creativity are purely amazing when you do them correctly. I want to do them more correctly if that makes any sense.

You may call it tunnel vision, and your classification of my behavior may be accurate. I know that this year alone stands to be one of incredible productivity and hopefully excellent results.

I’m so pleased to have you in my life and treasure every one of my readers that I can get. So let’s grow together and make great things. You’ve forever changed me for the better, and I’ll be grateful as long as there’s a breath in my soul to breathe in this wonderful life. I wish you all a great rest of the night and a terrific week coming ahead.

As a thank you, I’ve got a surprise for you coming in the very near future. And it’s one that will require no money, only your attention.

Here’s to the great things that we get to do because of the opportunities afforded to us in this time and in this place. Good night to all.


All of this being said, this is the time to get things done. I’m pleased you’re along for this wacky ride. {: )



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