April 11

Hard Work, Productivity, and Accomplishment

This weekend was a great one to catch up on sleep. While it’s getting a little warmer here in Portland, it’s just nice enough to have the house open during the evening so your butt isn’t freezing off. That atmosphere makes it a great one to be creative in.

While I write 1500 words a day without fail, I’m also working on the rebranding of the things I write. AndrewStories is that new brand, bourne out of @drewisawriter and my own full name, Andrew Michael Flynn. At the end of the day, it seems like a natural progression. But it’s not the branding of everything that I really care about: it’s the stories.

This year will be the most productive year I’ve ever had, that is for sure. I’ve got a full heart, my eyes are wide and seeing everything around them, and my fingers are steadfast on the keyboard, cranking out what I’ve always wanted to create: stories that mean something to people, and myself.

Accomplishment is tough to get to most of the time. I must remain humble and realize that all hard efforts that have brought to me this point have allowed me this luxury. Accomplishment is within reach. And not just any accomplishment, the kind I’ve been after for nearly a decade now.


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