October 29


Two hands. I have two hands. I don’t know what I’d do if I had less than two hands. But this is hardly a written meditation on how I’m thankful for my appendages and phalanges. It’s just cool that I get to do this while having all ten fingers and ten toes.

the end of october

It’s the busiest I’ve ever been, with the stakes being very high. I like it this way, life is keeping me on the toes while I juggle multiple projects in my two hands. Sometimes one of them is floating above me while another plummets back down into the space where one of my filled hands is, and you can further the metaphor as much as you like, you’ve hopefully seen a person juggle things. Feels like feathers at times, other times they’re gas-powered chainsaws at full-saw, or whatever the term for a fierce, running chainsaw is.

I branched out when an opportunity came to me last month. It felt very good. I learned a number of things so far, about a month into this project. Traveled a few miles, met a few good people, lost a few nights of sleep over stuff. New chest hairs sprouted, and thankfully they aren’t the weird, asymmetrical gray ones. So that’s a good thing, all of this paragraph. I think.

I’m launching a podcast in January, so that’s a lot of work. The format will be like nothing that’s out there right now, crowded-as-fuck field that it is. I’d love to do it a number of times each month, you know, record it and produce it and really make each episode a tight piece of entertaining audio. I miss doing that, and that void is about to get filled again. Ordered a new microphone in the mail the other day, that arrived last night.


The Holidays are coming up, I’ve barely given them any thought. It’s November on Sunday, so that’s something else. Then I’m getting married in February, so that’s a whole other thing entirely. Big things coming.

I have some satisfaction now, and I’m looking to get more with all of these mentioned things, along with a few others that I haven’t. It all ends up here, however. Where there’s darkness one place, there’s likely some light near it, otherwise it you couldn’t tell that it was dark in the first place.



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