January 10

Melted Ice Town

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Happy New Year, everyone! Okay, so we’re already in our tenth day of the year and some of these football games haven’t ended like we wanted them to. I mean, the Bengals’ game last night…what was that?

Things are ebbing well up here in Portland. We had some ice and snow and wacky drivers last week, it shut the city down more or less for about two days between midday Sunday and midday Tuesday. That threw everyone off-kilter. Turned a five-day workweek into an I don’t know what this is kind of a thing, so when Friday evening came, it was more than confusing. Sunday afternoon now that it is, I think everything is getting back to normal.


The launch of FOUR MINUTES went really well. Wrote a produced three complete episodes and tossed them up on PodBean. I feel very good about that. Doing audio performance is a rush of a different kind of energy, one that I don’t get from getting a story created or a character bible finished. The next episode will premiere on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I’m in a heavy-editing mode for The Subtractions. I will say it’s going really well with lots of tightening and cutting. The original manuscript was about 350 pages, and I’d say about half of it wasn’t entirely crucial to what I want the book to be. The drop date is still February 29th. That’s coming faster than any of us think.

I’m getting married in about four weeks to a wonderful woman, so that’s a big thing. We’re feverishly getting everything squared away for the day so that it goes off without a hitch. It’s down in Arizona, where we both lived for a very long time. It’s a different world when you’re planning a big party, especially when you’re not usually the one that does that kind of thing.

This Was The Beginning had a terrific launch this past Friday. As I’ve said before, it was a creative wonderworld in getting that whole thing written. Using one direct source-material as the rubric for how you parody something is a wild ride. I’m happy to have completed it, and really haven’t heard too many complaints yet.


Seems like another quality week is ahead. I’ve got some chores to do, a car to clean. We just had a big brunch, so we’re struggling to get off the couch at the moment. Everyone have a good week and be excellent in your various fields of creativity!



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