February 20

MicrophoneTimes, Part One


Writing doesn’t just have to be relegated to the blank page. The very blank pages that you fill up on a regular basis. Because you do do that, right? Of course you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be a WRITER, agreed? Agreed. Good.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be jumping into the medium of longer-form audio entertainment on the Eyeteeth podcast. My buddy Mo has a studio on his side of town, and he cordially invited me on into it. So I’m very much looking forward to getting on his air and doing weird things, possibly for money. Who the hell knows how the levels of insanity that will be achieved, but be rest assured that it’s not going to be a fucking KTAR talk show, that’s for damn sure. Mo likes to not only push envelopes, but he likes to burn them, then piss all over them. And then he puts them in his freezer to make Piss Pops for all the neighborhood kids.

And that’s what good podcasts and good entertainment should do. A hundred years ago, I was Drew the Stew over at ASU’s radio station The Blaze. Tried to push the envelope where I could within the confines of a university-and-FCC-regulated college radio station. Seven watts of a radio station, anyways. Had some wacky times, got away with a lot of profanity on the air among other better shenanigans. But then life got in the way, and I hung up the microphone. Until tomorrow night. So now it’s Eyeteeth, and I’m delighted to be a part of it. Expect lots of Improv and other types of crazy talk. Perhaps some existentialism. Or maybe we’ll just eat spoonfuls of mayonnaise until we puke.

Might be a trainwreck, but it’s likely to be very funny. The podcast will likely be available a few days after we record it tomorrow, so check back early, and check back often as says the parlance of our times. Whatever the fuck a parlance is. Who says that, anyways? Where are my pants? Ah what the fuck. There’s snow on my car and my feet are cold right now. Good night, Phoenix.




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