June 8


I find myself still being surprised at others’ choices of inaction. These are the same people who constantly gripe why their own lives are not going the direction that they want to. This is the problem with being inside your own head.

If it wasn’t for a few smart decisions, I’d be sweating it out in a one-bedroom in Lake Oswego, Oregon, pondering exactly what to do next. Instead, there is clarity, and I’m lucky to have it. None of this is about me. It’s about motivation, and further that that motivation, it’s about action.

Oh, here’s a big douchebag looking to talk at me, saying how to do everything.

Yeah, maybe that’s what this is going to end up being. I can’t begin to describe the type of familiar desperation that I’ve been around in the last decade with people my age and even with those a few years younger.

But what do I do with my life? I don’t want to feel this miserable!

You’ve got to get out of your own head. There’s any number of ways to do so. This isn’t news to anyone, and I’m hardly Tom Brokaw over here making fingerlove to my Kensington while you have 19 tabs open and 16 of them are old Buzzfeed listicles. Shut the Internet off for a few hours and go do¬†anything outside. ANYTHING. It’s Summer. You’ve got to be kidding me if you’re still complaining about needing something to do.

I’ve made a few smart moves in the last year that have yielded me incredible happiness that I really thought I’d never have. On the whole, making a move will usually upset about half of the people in your life, and make the other half jarred in some respect. Try to pay little attention to most or all of these people.

You made a bold move, and congratulations are yours from yours truly. With this bold move, you make another bold move and then you see some of the results. Oh, what, did those moves alienate some of your closest, or at least who you thought were your closest? Really think about how those who are complaining at you deal with you in your daily life. Reflect on that for about two days and then understand that the loud, distracting voices who may disagree with your bold moves actually aren’t that distracting and loud in the first place.

And then shut up and make your next bold move. Be fierce about it, and keep up this momentum that you’ve given yourself. I’m proud of you.

Now shut the Internet off and go outside already.




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