July 31


For my entire life, I have been inspired by those who didn’t take the predictable course. Those who didn’t go in pre-planned order to achieve what they said they were going to do. That paradigm never rang true for me. Only until recently did it become clear exactly why.

You learn to walk, ride a bike, go to school, get into college, fall in love, get a job, get married, get get get get get. You’re always getting things. You’re stacking things onto each other. Do you want all of these things in a prescribed order? Yeah, sure, let’s get things and spread the peanut butter to all sides of the toast, cool. (I think purging once in a while is a great thing, too.) I speak for only myself when I say that where I am now could never have been gotten to in any kind of order.

August 1st is the day that I’m deleting social media apps from my phone and browser bookmarks. Not forever, but until the morning of September 8th, right after Labor Day. I’m inspired by a few people in my life who have broken themselves away from the hourly onslaught of this information injection. Some have done it for a week, others as long as three and four months. The challenge to myself is to see if I can make it through those five weeks.

I don’t know if my creative productivity will increase or take me places that I didn’t know were possible, but it’s certainly a desired outcome of this. It should weed away a few of the more banal aspects of the Internet. As nice as it really is to have the convenience of being able to know pretty much anything, I do miss the moderation and attention of life that not having this readily available. The kind of thing like being able to read 100 pages of a book at one time, while only doing that. Writing for more than 20 minutes at a clip before focus is completely lost. I want to regain the muscle memory of that focus energy.

Maybe a different type of inspiration will get between my ears. New story ideas. Better story paths for the projects that I’m in. Another unpredictable course. The way I see it, if I can glean one new solid character arc from this different type of adventure, how could this not be worth doing?




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