February 2


Well, it happened this week. I had so many things going on at once both in my office and on my phone that it caused me to space out for a good seven minutes. Seven minutes that not only will I never get back, but this was time that became my own hellish fugue state.

A reason for this Brain RAM overheating is indicative of the technology that we’re around all the goddamn livelong day. It’s too many options and too many screens. In my office, I’ve got a TV monitor going on all day with the sound off, so that’s something to get distracted by. Then I’ve got my phone, with notifications happening nearly every minute if it’s within glance. Then I’ve got 5-10 tabs open on my desktop, half of them being social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, which only exacerbate the brain RAM usage. Then, there’s my open laptop, which usually isn’t a problem as it just has one stationary word document open most of the time. But it laughs at me, sometimes in the form of a fucking blank page.

During the fugue state of those seven minutes, I was mentally shut down. In the middle of the day. Blankness amid mental short-circuiting. What brought me out of it was a phone call on my cell. Christ, a phone call?! Who uses their phone for actual calls anymore? I do, but realize that I’m in a minority. Distractions abound, it got to where nothing was getting done. How to fix this so it doesn’t happen again?

The answer isn’t complicated. Turn most of that shit off. Learn to love the silence, much like when you WANT to read a book and have nothing else in your head. I do read every day, but it’s never at a self-prescribed time. Back in grade and junior high school, I read for an hour before bed each night. Juvenile to have it go back to this, but that shit worked. So I’m going to go back to doing that.

One of the hardest ways to remedy this so as not to get into a fugue state anymore is to not be on social networks as much/if at all anymore. Twitter will absolutely take over your day if you let it. It’s too fucking fun and vertile. But it’s not entirely real. So beginning today, the app goes OFF of my phone, just as Facebook does. I’ll allot them 15 minutes each day, but that’s it.

I’ve got too much work to do as a writer for any of these things to get in my way. Oh yeah, and the TV goes off too, even if it’s not making any noise. Fucking television.

Let’s write…and more importantly, let’s be productive at doing this.




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  1. By Post Unpopular on

    I loved this, man! Summed up my day perfectly as I’ve been sitting here staring at page views and social media for the better part of 7 hours. Let’s write!

    1. By atdrewisawriter (Post author) on

      Thank you…let’s do battle well with this writing thing of ours!

  2. By Leah Sears on

    I enjoyed this entry and it’s inspiring me to get back into reading books & writing. I’ve been saying to myself for quite sometime that I need to really get back into writing like I used to and blogging seems to be a great outlet for me.

    1. By atdrewisawriter (Post author) on

      Thanks, Leah! Let the small things you do creatively become much bigger in a small amount of time. {: )


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