January 30

Pick Your Pause


There are times when you get run down and become really inefficient at being a creative person. During the last week of 2012, I was down, depleted, demolished, feeling somewhat destroyed. So I asked myself why that was.

Creative people are a different kind of busy. We think in hyperdrive, type too fast, talk too much, consider things and options differently. But energy is finite, not infinite…so it’s something we’ve got to worry about. Everyone gets tired and run down, of course. It’s a dangerous thing.

So every few weeks or so, I take a day and shut it all down. No laptop, no TV, I use my phone sparingly, and take in what has been missed: the quiet calm of quietness. It’s hard to find it sometimes, but it’s out there if you try to look hard enough. Don’t try too hard though, you’re trying to chill out, remember? So it’s a good time to chill.

I have six writing projects in various forms right now. They’re all at different levels of involvement, but most of them are direct and time-consuming. Time’s valuable, better allocate that shit correctly. Or you get run down. Can’t happen, you know? Getting useless is a very bad thing. So get useful, get away. For example, I’m not putting anything up on this site next week. Taking it off so I can do one thing less and focus on the other five things that much more. Change out the proportions. It’s good. It works.

This business of telling stories and then getting those stories out there. It’s tiring. But it’s so worth it. After Flash Fiction Friday this week, I’m off until the 10th of February. Holler at me on Twitter and Facebook, those two avenues never stop. Be well everyone, see you very soon!




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  1. By jessielansdel on

    Oh, I can relate so well to this. My writing has come to a complete standstill recently. My brain won’t work and my Muse has gone AWOL.


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