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Press Release — January 20, 2016 — Clarification on Available Unpaid Internship Opportunity with Andrew Flynn

JANUARY 20, 2016



PDF Version available upon request.

Clarification on Available Unpaid Internship with Andrew Flynn

PORTLAND, OR — Since yesterday afternoon, I’ve received messages from a number of people who have complained of a Craigslist ad that I have placed online. I feel the need to be clear about this posting.

The tone of the ad is intended only to be fun and serious. It is in no way meant to be arrogant or intimidating. For any miscommunication of the original message, I am sorry. A reworking of the Craigslist ad will not be necessary, nor will it take place. Rather, I will be taking the information that it contains and placing it on my website, drewisawriter.com. Upon extensive research, I have concluded that it is just not the right place for it to be posted, all things considered.

The new ad is now on drewisawriter.com and can be found under the BRAINFACE category: http://drewisawriter.com/internship-opportunity-fun-unpaid-internship-job-with-andrew-flynn-portland-or/

I will also be clear that while the ad is for an unpaid intern, I refuse to be classified in the group that freeloads by not adequately compensating their staff, be they permanent or temporary employees/interns. I am a professional writer who needs help in the fields of organization and media so that I can meet the deadlines that are to be met. In no way am I looking for “free labor” or “a flunkee” to do my work for me. Internships frequently provide gained knowledge, networking, food compensation, and other such concessions. Such allegations are resented heavily, and they are unfounded.

I care about the writing community here in the Pacific Northwest. I care about writers, the projects that they work tirelessly to complete, and the insane amount of creativity that comes from this region of the United States. To say that I do not care about these people and things is personally offensive, and is also unfounded and untrue.

The Craigslist ad will be removed from the Craigslist website immediately.

For additional concerns on this matter, or any other questions, please reach me at: drew@drewisawriter.com.

     Andrew Michael Flynn is a professional writer living in Portland, Oregon, with his fiancée, Tracy, and puppy, Arrow. He took the plunge into his craft in 2006 after years of addiction. He is the author of nine feature-length screenplays, one novel, and countless stories, both written, and to come in the near-future.
–For more, please see: http://drewisawriter.com/about-drew/


Unpaid Internship Opportunities: internship2016@drewisawriter.com
Media Contact: drew@drewisawriter.com

PDF Version available upon request.


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