April 14

Solid Launch, Much Noise

Busy can’t begin to describe how today was. While the duties were wall-to-wall, I can safely say a lot got done. AndrewStories is live and ready to take on anything.

There is so much unnecessary noise during this presidential campaign. As long as we reflect and realize that we’re watching a sport, we are all going to be just fine. To anyone who thinks that the primaries are civil and full of ethics, you’re in the wrong. You’re just wrong. You could not be more wrong.

Sports are loud. Sports have endless statistics. Sports have fanatics. Sports have politics. Politics are a sport in 2016. Eh…politics have been a sport forever, who are we kidding?

Tonight, I’m going to bed with a book in my hand and two melatonin caps in my belly. Here’s to a great night’s sleep.



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