August 4

The Big Purge

Sometimes, there’s only one way to do things. Gotta dump it and get some distance. That’s what I’ll be doing.

As long as I’ve been a recovering addict from gambling, I’ve attempted to be a consistent person. Keep it tight with your friends, keep it right with your family. Rarely, that means getting distance from them, even. Most of the time, it means embrace them tighter. I’m in a transitional state at the moment. So I need some distance. I know there’s not another way to do it.

In the last five months, I’ve been inspired more by creative endeavors than ever before in my life. I’m 33 in a couple weeks, so I don’t take absolutely smashing time of my life to be paltry by any stretch of the imagination. Now, I could have not done jackshit about it, either. I could have just kept marking time and stayed away from what I knew to be inspiring. What I knew to be my future.

Back in the Winter, I made the moves to be able to get inspired. Joining The Outliars was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Doing so has only heightened every other thing I’ve done creatively with writing, with performing, with anything really. It’s made things taste better. It’s allowed me to get my head straight, where it was otherwise crooked. I love The Outliars and credit them for allowing me to be where I am now, and where I will continue to be in the future.

In the last week, I’ve begun to purge some of my personal belongings. I am going to become a minimalist. If I can’t fit it in a few duffle bags, I just don’t want it anymore. And those duffle bags WILL fit in my car. If they don’t, then I’ll find some way to pack less into them. Clutter is a cancer in my life, and I know how to excise it now: you just have to care about what material things in your life are really that important…and you’ll likely find that most of them aren’t. I’m very pleased to have discovered this recently.

This will spin the action for me to go see things and places that I haven’t before. That’s not exactly now, but it will be a reality soon. Because I choose to get inspired. I know how to get inspired. I’m unafraid of any bit of harshness that may come my way because of the decisions that I want to make. I must be inspired, that is one of my core requirements now after so many years of just marking time. There’s better music now.

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