November 28

The Clusterfuck Trashdump

Beginning a writing project is a funny thing. A creative person has so many available ideas floating above their own head all the time. All the things that they want to do. Sometimes these ideas are organized. A lot more of the time, these ideas are just one giant clusterfuck trashdump waiting to be picked through and polished.

The King James Bible is a work of immense human effort. Whether it was entirely rewritten to suit the times and the monarchy, or if it was just a direct translation of prior texts from another language, the body of work that it exists as is astounding. It’s the anthologies of all anthologies. I don’t read this Good Book much, but anything with its breadth and word count is always something to behold.

So we’ve got the clusterfuck trashdump, and we’ve got the King James Bible. Now I’ll add in some inspiration, because I actually was inspired by a woman not too long ago. We share the same sense of humor. And while the relationship may not be what it could have been, an idea fermented long and powerful enough to inspire me to take on the biggest project of my life: a unique, comedic take on the King James Bible. I figure it’d take about four years, working on it consistently as I possibly can.

Yesterday morning, I lay in bed, and thought that it’d be a maddening task to do the whole thing myself. So I queried the local writer population on Craigslist, and found myself with about a dozen emailed responses by the end of the business day. Everyone has passed once they understood what the project was for whatever reason. I’m not disheartened in the least, but advice given to me along with a second consideration is steering me towards just sucking it up and doing the whole thing myself.

That is, unless the right able-minded co-writer comes along and proves their salt. At press time, I’ve got the first chapter of Genesis on the blank page. Shit, this is long, man.




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