January 24

The Comment Section, Part 1

Who in the sweet, lovely hell would do this to people?

I’ve had the Internet since 1994, and I’m pretty keen on lots of aspects of how people communicate. America Online raised us from sucking on the tits of the Welcome Page and minor web browsing. Instant Messaging and Buddy Lists were the craze of everyone in the mid-to-late ’90s and into the 2000’s. Then shit got complex with Napster and file sizes and more things you can do on the Internet. Music, then video, then high-def everything else, and now we’re in what we have now. There have always been message boards, even from the very inception of the ARPANET back in whothehellsknowswhen. Comment sections have always been a pain in the ass.

As much as I’d love begin to try to understand what possesses anyone on this green-and-blue planet to fill a comment section with spam links of pure bullshit and invitations to click on this to go get Nike apparel at 90% off from a totally sketch-looking website. These are the same trolls who inhabit the dark of apartment complexes or their guardians’ basements, all in hopes of getting a few extra clicks to support their scams, whatever they may be.

But there are idiots out there who are not savvy enough to ignore and more on. Just as the trolls need to be called out, those who don’t pay attention and yield caution to stave off problems need to be visible too. Some people just shouldn’t operate a computer or Internet-based device without proper supervision. Much like anything else, proper training is entirely needed and you just can’t go turn a computer on and expect to do exactly what you want it to do. For example, the people who expect they can build a website in five minutes need to go through some kind of class in order to have their expectations set. This is opposed to them just trying to go for it and ending up in failure. I say all of this not as trying to smack anyone down, but rather constructively in the hopes that people don’t waste their own time and then eventually someone else’s in trying to do something they have no idea to do. When you’re a baby, you can’t pour a bowl of cereal without fucking up the entire kitchen…the same principle applies to using something as complex as the Internet.

Even if, as much as it pains me, I won’t click on your stupid-ass attempt to get me to purchase Louis Vuitton handbags and previously unheard of savings.




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  1. By Kelly Nelsen on

    What has to happen in your life that makes you become a spammer? Or even worse, what series of events leads a person to “Hey, maybe I’ll trick old people into giving me their credit card number by scaring them into thinking something bad will happen if they don’t and then I’ll steal all of their meager fixed income!”
    I’m just glad everything worked out for that Nigerian prince I sent money to, I was worried about him…


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