August 9

The Editing, Part 1

When it comes to the various things that writers do in order to complete what they want to get completed, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Usually, being overwhelmed is an entirely natural occurrence, even if the degree to which you actually feel this really depends on how experienced you are. It’s going to happen regardless of where you are in your writing career. It’s how you deal with it that’ll get you to the next thing on your laundry list of stories of tell.

Your cup will always runneth over as a writer. That’s just how it is when you’re serious about this kind of career. You’ll always want to have numerous projects going at once. It’s when you get near a specific project that you’ll really hunker down and batten down the hatches and use cliched metaphors like a fucking idiot in order to get it done. My first real publication of any sort comes out September 24th. It’s going to be an eBook, and I can’t wait for you to read it. But before it comes out, there is an exhausting amount of editing that is to be done.

The editing is going well for the amount of time I have left before it comes out, this is not the issue. Making sure that each page looks how I think it should is the tricky part. When something contains over 200 pages like this book is, I think it’s really best to give editing at least 3-5 minutes a page: you know, check how the flow works from line to line and paragraph to paragraph. See it it makes you feel, and inspect all the inches of it while also paying attention to the corners that may not be right front and center.

Sure, I can adjust things later and make a subsequent edition, no problem. Most books when they go on the open market eventually have multiple editions, even in the eBook format. As cliches go, I’d much rather make a great impression the first time than have to worry about coming back and fixing what may be remedied a later time. Nonetheless, it’s exciting and I’d really not trade any moment of it for anything else. Unless I could take a fucking helicopter to a beach somewhere and do this at the same time. But that’s wishful thinking and being greedy at the same time.




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