July 14

The Effectiveness

The blank page. The way that a person with a pen can fill it all up. It’s crushing at times, and incredibly rewarding at others. These are the times of the latter.

My next book comes out in September. The entire marketing plan is set. I’m very excited, naturally. The journey of writing the book was one of the best of my life, and I want the experience of sharing it with others to be equally amazing, if not even moreso. The content of the book is likely to enrage more than a few people. I’m ready for it.

Now about my last book, Clapping. I love Clapping. I love it so much that I know it can be better. This being said, I’ve taken it down so I can work on it. The storyline worked, but I don’t think the character work was very filled-out. It was more of a plot-based book, which wasn’t my original intention when making the treatment and manuscript for it last Fall. I also fucked up by turning it into four parts. Books with a through-storyline aren’t meant to be anthologized like that. It’s not a TV show, and I know that now. It was a failure that I didn’t anticipate, but am glad to have went through in order to learn. Everything a person creates has to teach them something, and this is that something. I’d like to re-publish Clapping sometime in the near-future, but it won’t be in the next few months, that’s for sure.

It’s been a really busy last few weeks. I’m having the time of my life performing in rehearsals and shows with The Outliars. It’s a consistent high that I don’t want to go away. Every show there’s something new. The sensation hasn’t peaked yet. Throughout the summer, I’ll post on Mondays periodically, but it’s not going to be weekly. Summertime doesn’t yield that kind of time.

Things are great right now. I’m at a creative effectiveness right now where I have many irons in the fire, and all of them burn pretty fiercely…which is how it should be.




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