December 14

The Instruments

I’m a finnicky son of a bitch when it comes to what keyboard I’m typing on. It’s always been this way, and I’ll leave it to you if you think I need help.

On Thursday afternoon, I was at home working on a storyline for an upcoming book when I realized that the keyboard that I was working on at my desktop wasn’t exactly comfortable. It’s a Logitech K330, which is a wireless keyboard. It served its purpose just fine for a few months, but down it goes into my closet full of old keyboards and mice, that which there are too many of to be comfortable. The problem with the Logitech keyboard was that it wasn’t flat, like the one on my laptop.

I bought an HP laptop with an island keyboard about a year and a half ago. Plenty of juice in the laptop was why I bought it (that, and my previous laptop took a giant shit with its motherboard), and I was mired with trepidation going in the first few hours with the island keyboard that it had. A few murdered blank pages later, it was a relief to find that typing on a keyboard like this was both ergonomically sound and less stressful to typing fingers. Now I typed more words than just “fingers”, of course, but this led to discontentment eventually with my desktop keyboards.

I work at an Internet tech company in the Phoenix area. Be rest assured that the keyboards they have at work are the generic Dell variety. Like the ones from six and seven years ago, stressful as hell to the busy fingers of a good workerbee. A few weeks ago, I was moved to a different desk for an indeterminate amount of time. No problem at all, really, but this desk had a computer station with a FLAT keyboard. Much like the one I have on my laptop. The next couple weeks in that indeterminate time period were a joy to work. You don’t really think about stuff like this until it becomes abundantly clear later on. Today at work, I was moved back to my original desk. With my original shitty Dell keyboard. And this good workerbee rose the topic to my superior, only to be met with puzzlement and a “duly noted” response. SHIT.

So I got home and was delighted to find the FLAT keyboard that I had impulsively ordered yesterday while at home, arrived. Bless you, quick-as-hell Amazon Prime shipping…you make the impulsive among us elated when we don’t have to wait 5-8 business days for whatever the hell we were keen on just yesterday. I type to you today from my new Kensington Advance-Fit Full-Size Slim Keyboard. Thousands of words later today, I’m a happy workerbee.

Because it does matter. Maybe you’re a finnicky son of a bitch like I am. Perhaps it doesn’t matter to you at all. Use the keyboard that sings to you. Then write your music in whatever key you see fit.




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