March 27

The Juggle


I speak for no one else’s writing career but my own. We’re all on this magical adventure full of whimsey, lots of weird sex, late nights, overeating, drinking too much, overanalyzation, and storytelling. But there are common elements between us all. They connect us, they allow us to understand each other on a common level. We all juggle.

I’ve always had a couple writing projects going at once, that’s really just how it is. But lately, it’s that I have ten writing projects, and they all seem to be at once. So what’s to be done? Do you hammer on each one the same, with the even-tapping that you do with the next? Or so you pound on one of them until the nail is firmly in the 2×4? There isn’t an answer.

That’s right, there isn’t any one answer. A large part of writing is seeing a project all the way to it’s very end, or at least as far as a project can go. Tell the story you envisioned it to be in the first place when you were having a whacked out fever dream or just taking a nice poop after a hearty Chinese dinner one night so long ago. Finish it, and then move on to the next writing project that you’re most passionate about.

Dave Ramsey is a talk show host who is pretty smart about money stuff. He says that when a person is in financial debt because of a lot of different accounts they may have open, don’t pay the minimum amount due on each one every month. That’s a fool’s errand, and one that you’re doomed to repeat since those accounts never really get paid down. What he says you should do is to immediately pay down the account that has the lowest balance. Pretty soon, that account will be paid off as long as your income is there to knock it to zero. So do this with the many writing projects you’re jugging right now. This is a method that I know works. It may not work for you at all. And it’s certainly not the answer.

I’ve been a professional writer for seven years now. While I know that I’ll never know everything about storytelling, I can safely say that I know how to juggle projects. It didn’t come overnight, either. It took more than five years to learn how to do this effectively and efficiently. And I still can do better. We all can. Good night, all.


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