December 28

The Moonlighting

After Christmas break, I came into work and things had changed enough to notice. These changes weren’t welcomed, especially since they made my current position at my job more difficult without appropriate compensation. This is at my dayjob that I’ve always referred to as my primary source of income, so therefore it is my primary job.

I’m not angry that the changes happened. I’m just disappointed. I was pretty satisfied with the status quo. Naturally enough, I wasn’t informed until the very last second that these changes were being made. So it’s just about rolling with those punches. This is how things go in the corporate world, no matter how much clout and good efforts you contribute in order to get a little higher on the ladder. Also, I’m remaining ambiguous enough about the actual events because I still want to have a job at my current employer on Monday. You know how that goes.

Disappointment leads to using too much emotion towards something that doesn’t reciprocate. I’m 32 and have a good job, and am happy with my station in life at the moment. Of course, I could be happier. One thing that made me understand a little more what happiness can be is when you’re able to classify certain things as they should be. Putting elements in your life in their appropriate place is very helpful, especially when it comes to getting to the next step. So that’s what I’m doing with my primary income. It’s two things now: my dayjob, and it’s what I moonlight in.

For the first seven years of being a professional writer, I halfway referred to my writing career as something I moonlighted in. No more. Writing gives me more emotional release and comfort than my dayjob ever could. So it’s time to call it what it is.

I love writing, and I thank you all for being out there. Your support is amazing, and wish you the best in 2014 and beyond. That sounds like a going away message, but it’s exactly the opposite. The great things have only just begun.




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