November 11

The Next Book, Part 1

Just as soon as I wrote “188” and got it out there, the pangs of I WANT MORE hit…although a few good nights of sleep had to happen first.

Writing “188” was one of the best things I’ve ever done as a human being. Top to bottom, I feel like my I.Q. has increased, more hair of my chest has sprouted, and there is more mental clarity between my Irish ears than in the last decade. Finishing this book was one of the things I needed to have happen this year, long time coming as it was. But now there’s those pangs, and it’s time to address them.

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We all have a lot that we want to get done in our professional careers, and I am not about to speak for anyone else besides myself. Doing so, in the past, mind you, has allowed me the displeasure of so much trouble. So none of that. The last month-and-change has put me on a fairly psychotic ride: I thought that I absolutely knew what I wanted to get done — hell, I had a third of the thing already on blank pages — but more research and covering my ass has to be done first before I can even begin to think about continuing it. Who wants to end up in court for the next five years, anyways?

So ambition overall didn’t die, and it took a few weeks to get refocused. I think I am now. Pretty sure, mostly. Because it’s not just one book I want to write now, it’s a series. I haven’t written anything longer than 292 pages before. From what I gather, a series of books has to be master-planned just like any story. That is, if you want the stories in each of the books to coalesce with one another. And I do want that, along with much more.

“188” was one book, and the next work will be at least three books. At least I think that right now. See, I don’t want to call it anything yet, because it’s only in my head at the moment and has yet to be really developed into anything. But I got a few good ideas.




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