November 17

The Next Book, Part 2

A writer needs to ask themselves a real question when they’re at the beginning of the project: JUST HOW DO I WANT MY AUDIENCE TO REACT TO THIS?

The next book I write is going to be for young adults. Call that anyone ages 8 through 188 for all it’s worth. Young Adult literature is some of the most widely-read anything that is read anymore, save non-fiction books by talking heads about killing famous historical figures and the musings of trashed politicians.

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I haven’t ever written anything for Young Adults before. It doesn’t scare me, but it does make me want to be more cautious than if I was making a story for adults. I’m going to leave Young Adults capitalized as proper nouns while these posts go on. I’d like to have that standard of respect for the genre, especially since I care to be more successful at writing this next book than my last book.

And that’s another aspect of this: I want to be more successful at how my second book does than my first one. I don’t just want to have it double in sales and positive critique…a writer should ask more of themselves to want just a multiple of their prior output. I want it to not have a limit. That’s what one of the main goals of writing is anyways, not to have bounds by imagination. Unless you’re plagiarizing something, of course.

Short bursts. 20 pages one day, maybe only one the next, then back up to 35 pages the day after. The progress is going well. I want my bat to crack loudly at this one and have it hit the cheap seats.





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