November 27

The Next Book, Part 5

There’s always time for self-loathing. You can believe this all you want, it’s still complete bullshit. There isn’t enough time for it, and you know that.

Any of us can get depressed if we let the feelings control us. Your day didn’t go well? Nuts to it. Your significant other and you just had this big fight and dinner was ruined? Nuts to it. Your dog’s about to die? Well, just plain nuts on that one. That’s really sad. Maybe take a few days for crying out loud. But then get back on it.

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Channel the rage, the toil within. You’re a writer for more than one reason, and it’s time to prove it. Don’t worry too much about your audience while you’re writing the thing you’re writing. Slice and dice the blank pages that rest in that ream of unpublished paper and make them know who their master is. Inside of all of us is a rage-filled demon of netherregion origins and it wants to crush your brainface into an unrecognizable pulp. So while it’s not exactly a competition, you know, because you’re going to totally beat that demon’s ass down, you don’t want to let the possibility of defeat even creep in your mind.

Your mind which is full of story and is dead-set on murdering that depression. Wherever and however it may try to set in. And for goodness sake, tell your significant other that you’re sorry. It was your fault and you were being an asshole during the argument you thought you won. There’s way more benefits in the making-up anyways. Just like there’s way more benefits of having filled pages than blank ones.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, please be safe and patient if you’re traveling during the holiday. The good people in the travel industry will appreciate you not blowing up your brainfaces at them just because your flight was delayed. Maybe tell them about “188” while you’re at it.




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