January 8

The Next Book, Part 6

I had a few days off from work right after New Year’s Day. It’s something I try to do every year. Kind of a holiday detox and all, because some of that shit is just overwhelming.

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I’ve been fairly productive over these last few days, knocking out a number of chapters of CLAPPING. If everything goes according to plan, I should have the first draft of it completed in the first week of February. Having a plan about writing something is something I’ve always tried to do, but this time, I have a really fierce calendar that has been programmed to succeed.

This is my first attempt at writing a longer-form composition that is targeted to the Young Adult crowd. This means that I cannot use profanity all willy-nilly like I’m accustomed to. I curse a lot in my daily life and all nine of my screenplays are bursting full of colorful language that I felt were absolutely necessary to the stories that were written and told. Did I have to use all of it? Maybe not. But I did, and that was my choice as the creator and writer of those stories. Being that this is a story geared towards young people ages 9-15, I’m going to keep the harsh words to a very strict minimum. Emotion can be communicated by ways that don’t have to do with the hundreds of variations of the F-word. At least that’s the standard I’m challenging myself to use in this next book.

At least it’s going well so far. I really can’t wait to share this story with you all.




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