January 27

The Pies In The Sky

Perhaps I’m not a good businessman. I’ve been a professional writer for eight years. In that time, there have been more lows than highs. I’m throwing this all out there because I know my writing career is an open narrative, and I want to share it while on the road to whatever the hell I’m on the road to.

There are people who aren’t effective at what they do. I’ve come to know a few of these people since I latched onto doing this full-time back in 2006. People who can’t work with others. The kind who try to get productive people to do all the work, and then get pissed when they’re asked to lift a finger. You know the type, it’s nothing new. When you were back in junior high school and had to do a group project for a class, there was always at least one or two people in your group of five or six that didn’t do jackshit. This could be for many reasons…but the point is, they didn’t do anything. We all will find ourselves in group projects with people like these in the future, it’s a guaranteed. One irony is that this kind of person usually suggests the project in the first place.

I know what I’m good at, and I refuse to commit time to something that is rudderless, not financially viable, or containing bad leadership. We like to think that we’re all going to be doing what we want forever, but this is simply not true. I’m only going to be around for a certain time, just like everyone else. Hopefully, it’ll be for a long certain time, but that fact is less guaranteed than the situation I mentioned above. I’m writing six books by the end of 2015. Why? Because I challenge myself to do it. It’ll be very difficult, but I know how to write a book now and have the confidence and the wind at my back to do it many more times. Because that’s what I’m doing now as a writer, and nothing is going to get in my way.

Good business acumen is not only being effective at what you do while maintaining high integrity, it’s also not spending time in fruitless efforts even if your heart is really with them. It’s thinking with your head, first.

Perhaps I’m not a good buisnessman. But I’m not stupid. And I certainly don’t like wasting time.




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