June 2

The Ramp-Up, Part 1

People hold dear their conventions that make them feel secure, clean, justified, comfortable, and sometimes even pious. I’m a man of almost 33 years and there’s always been a factor about some of these conventions that has always rubbed me the wrong way. I didn’t quite know how to deal with themĀ until about two years ago when I was sitting at my dayjob on a Saturday morning on one of those mandatory-voluntary overtime shifts. Blah, those.

But I know how to deal with them now.

In the next three months, I’ll briefly mention certain things about the next composition that I’ll self-publish. This book, while the subject matter is near and dear to my heart, may end up being the last thing I ever write. I just don’t know. There’s no real master plan underway except for what will happen in the next season’s worth of days, and that’ll be about 100 days or so.

I haven’t exactly figured out when to publish this, but it will be in September. Probably after Labor Day, you know, when people start turning their brains on again after summer vacations and get back into the educational-mindset since most of you either are in college, or have kids that go to public or private school with one of those August-to-May schedules. At least that’s how the school year schedules were when I went and got my higher learning on. I’ll concede that the best schools now do it year-round, at least trying to be competitive with the kids and school systems in other countries that beat the shit out of America on a consistent basis with their higher test scores, better graduation rates, and the like.

So September it will be, and I’ll be pleased to share it with you. While the actual draft of it is nearly completed, I’ve given myself seven or eight weeks for it to be edited and proofread…to get it formatted the right way. Going back to fix it later is one of the biggest pains in the ass. While it’s understood that there’s always a way to make a better version of something which is already out there, this is a little experience talking now. I’m happy to know these things now, these things that I didn’t just this time last year.

On with the show.




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