May 26

The Release Date, Part 1

May 26 is finally here. I knew it’d come more quickly than anticipated, but Jesus Christ, it got here very fast.

I made an executive decision about This Was The Beginning, and that is to release it in two volumes. The first volume is out today, the second on June 30th. I edited the fresh hell out of the entire thing and saw that many jokes in the latter half of the book needed work. So my June will be dedicated to making this second volume the very best it can be.


I’m my own worst critic, this is abundantly clear. I’m also not going to put out a piece of shit book, that’s just not who I am as a writer. Sure, it’s an e-book and ten nuns could give a damn and the whole thing, but I’m making certain that this book is fully realized when it goes to print in June. And after June 30, it’ll be done and out there where I want it to be.

In other happenings, May was really a busy month in my life. I finished moving in to my new place in Oregon with my fiancee and we’re nesting while we plan for our wedding. She’s great, and I really am a lucky sonofabitch to have her in my life. Mush mush mush, I know. She’s my muse, and I love her. Moving right along…

American Sag is coming out in October, and I’ll be starting on a new draft of that on July 6th after the long weekend of celebrating America and punch and pie and those types of things. Making that book be the very best it can be will be the main writing thing I do over the months of July, August, and September…all while not being a cranky person.

Publishing a book or getting a creative work of any sort out there really drains a person. Anxiety gets the best of you in anything you do. I accept it, though. Making my second book publishing experience better than my first was the main goal when I set out to write This Was The Beginning. I did better than the first time, that’s for certain. There’s always things to improve upon:

1. Having a consistent writing schedule

2. Small goals that can be completed on a regular basis

3. Getting promotional materials figured out ahead of time so that the final edit can be concentrated upon to the very best of my abilities

I’ll go into these three items in a later post. It’s just a lot of work. And when giant life things get added to your daily schedule, juggling everything becomes a job that ensconces your entire life. And I’d have it no other way.




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