October 20

The Scattering

What kind of adventure do you want to go on?

Writing 188″ is one of the single-weirdest adventures I’ve ever been on. Each story means something different, each character is based on either someone I know or is the result of a whacked-out fever dream. Lots of sweat, lots of weird, weird sweat. But I’m glad it was written, happy it’s over with.

Editing the book was a real son of a bitch. Editing usually is. This book has “188” stories of 188 words each. The title of the book came first, which is weird, because that’s the exact opposite of how a person is usually supposed to go when creating a fictional work. Not that there are real rules to writing, but that’s the convention anyways. Making sure each story didn’t go over its preordained number of allowed words damn near made me an insane person without another note to sing…but then in the middle of the editing the whole thing, I realized that music was awesome and there is always another song to play.

I don’t have children. I will one day, but that’s when I’m in my late 30’s or sometime down the road. I consider editing “188” to be my first-born child of my writing career. Screenplays and other short stories are all well and good, those belong in the conversation too. But “188” goes in the front of the portfolio. The 39,000-something words that “188” is made of, the weeks it took to compile together after all the drafts were scratched out, the full calendar year it took to make from scratch, the headaches and the heartaches…it’s a baby, and I love my baby.

I talk regularly with a very good friend in the UK about writing, it’s something we both do and want to keep doing as long as there is a breath to breathe. There’s stress in doing this writing thing, we know this. There’s weird sleep patterns that you get into when trying to eke out words on blank pages, odd tangents your personal relationships take because of it, disgusting food you eat from the overall weirdness, exercise that you don’t get. There’s no ride like it, unhealthy as it may seem and actually is. But it’s a very fun adventure, and it’s only getting better.


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