December 18

The Social Networking

Getting your message out is one thing. Getting people to respond to your message is another thing entirely.

Because you’ve got to have a plan. You can’t half-ass it when your audience doesn’t know what they want most of the time. A link clicks over to here clicks over to there, then they’re on YouTube, then they get distracted by an LOLCAT and then 10 MINUTES OF PORN, back to YouTube for Jenna Marbles, something with cute dogs who can balance things on their head, more shiny things, Kardashians, more links to click into the nether-regions OF YOUR SOUL, rinse, lather, repeat, and etcetera.

Did any of that make sense? Of course it did, that’s a normal every day Internet experience. Male or female. So what’s your message? What is it that you want to get out? I didn’t know where to start seven years ago, so there wasn’t much done. But it’s an evolution.

Let’s talk Twitter. I’ve come to know some of my favorite people on Twitter over the last four years. Many are writers, and many others are just damn good folks who I want to pay attention to. Everyone is different, of course, and I only speak for myself here. Twitter is really entertaining if you let it be. Think what cable television used to do for you ten years ago, and that’s kind of what Twitter has become as far as its analog. While Facebook is the biggest and the most popular, I’m on Twitter probably five times as much. My audience knows who I am on there, and it’s the easiest to manage as far as message content. There’s very little ambiguity when you’re saddled with a restriction of 140 characters.

I was turned onto to a site called ManageFlitter a few weeks ago, which makes your Twitter feed more efficient. When I say that, I mean that it tells you without a doubt who your followers are and just how in-tuned they are to what you’re saying. This allows you to maximize your audience while saying sayonara to those who don’t give a shit anyways. Tools like this are exactly what every person who uses a Twitter account on a daily basis should have.

And if you just use social media for fun and don’t really care, that’s marvelous too. Everyone is different, and you’re going to eventually do what makes the sense for you and your life at the end of the day. As long as you are ending the day reading my book before you drift off to sleep.




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