February 17

The Spreading Too Thin

Along the path of getting this next book out, I realized about two weeks ago that posting twice a week here and having the quality that I want this book to end up with isn’t possible. One thing had to go, and it was this website. But that’s not a big deal.

This website is for me and the people who want to know more about me as writer. The same goes for my social media avenues on Twitter and Facebook. Do I want to post regularly on everything all the time? Of course I do. But I’m also trying to keep a dayjob that pays the bills and allows me to write as a real profession in the first place. So as an “adult”, priorities are necessary. This site comes secondary right now to cranking out the books that I want to put out in the next two years. Six books, mind you. So that’s more important in my weird Irish eyes or whatever you want to call them. They’ve been called worse.

I’m pleased to bring you “Clapping” on March 3rd. At the rate it’s going, I’ll be finishing up the editing in the middle of next week. Then I’m getting the fuck out of town for a couple days and coming back to publish it. I want to make it available on Amazon and Smashwords, but I have yet to get my bearings on the latter. It’ll happen.

March won’t have a lot of posts either. I’m going to recharge and try not to look at a computer screen so much. I appreciate your being out there. You have my undying gratitude for being the good lil’ readers that you are. I can’t wait to share “Clapping” with you all. It’s been a long time coming, and my goal is to have the story itself do what its intentions are: to make you see a different perspective of a character you may think you know, but really don’t.




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