January 23

The Theater Group, Part One


I joined a theater group a couple weeks ago. What is that, exactly? I’m finding out as it progresses. Right now, it’s a collection of about 15 like-minded individuals in the 25-49 age bracket. We’re all kind of feeling each other out for the first couple of meetings, seeing who can do what and who can show they’re worth their own salt. There is really good content already, now we just have to get an order to it, and decide the logistics of performing it. Wherever that’s going to be. Oy, logistics. I went in to this expecting good things, and realize that it all may end up being something completely different when the curtain draws. Pleasantly surprised thus far.

New things. Getting out of your comfort zone. It’s something that I hit on frequently here on Wednesdays, and it’s for damn good reason. I don’t know what the fuck a theater group is. I mean, I have an idea. We all do. Just think of Upright Citizens’ Brigade and The Groundlings, among other notable improv groups. Dudes who want to perform or have their own shit performed in some respect. That’s enough for me.

I love writing, and I’m happy to write for people who have the skills, knowledge, and talent to perform it. So far it’s great and I like it that nobody is above anyone else. And if I can hang out with some good people in the process, all more the better. So it’s an experiment, and we’re called Rabbit Blue.

But isn’t everything creative some kind of experiment?┬áIt is. So shut the fuck up if you think otherwise. Holy hell I’m brash tonight. But I’m only kind of sorry about that. {: )




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