February 13

The Theater Group, Part Two


Without leadership, good ideas wither and atrophy. That is the case at least when it comes to collaborative efforts.

Bringing people together for a collaborative effort automatically makes you the standard-bearer for the project…regardless if you had intended it to be that way or not. It is your idea, it is your baby, your dream, your desire. Now, a lot of people can love that same idea and be very glad that you had the initiative to pick the type of project that the idea would eventually turn into. But you’re the leader, and do not ever think differently. You’re in charge of Mission Command, you launched this shuttle. Such as the case with the theater group that I’m a part of now.

When leadership is weak, the stronger of the group rise up and take the reins of the horse now galloping and out of control. This horse needs to be broken. They will rise up especially if they are motivated to see the idea that wasn’t originally theirs all the way through to the end, no matter the variables that they themselves cannot exactly control. Without strong leadership, a few things could happen…but the likeliest scenario is that the strongest of the group will eventually take control, likely to the distaste and disillusionment of the original person in charge, or at least purportedly in charge.

Personally, I’m a guy who sees a project to the end. Distractions get in the way, but the distractions and variables that I can control do not let get in my way for very long. Where bulldozing or steamrolling is needed, you fucking do it. Do you know why? Because if you don’t, then all you do is end up just talking about doing the project, and then procrastination becomes the easiest option: then, results are scant, if any. That’s not me. I don’t prefer to procrastinate. Not in doing a project where many people are involved, and not in doing a project where it’s only me and I set my deadlines.

Because you can take an idea and allow it to ferment a little, wait a little bit, and then take it all by yourself and end up producing something amazing: be it a piece of writing or any other type of work. Working in solitary is entirely possible, and at times definitely preferred in order to get something completed as you want to see it completed, exactly in the form that your brain’s electrical currents created it however long ago. But this theater group is not a singular effort, it is of many people and our many people’s experiences.

Whereas we did once have an identity of being a group that didn’t have the trajectory that the hearts and minds of the group really desired, we do now. Those of us who remained are no longer directionless, lacking that rocketship trajectory we needed, missing that leadership. We have it now. We will do this now.

And because of this, our first show is next month. We are Tickled Catastrophe.




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