June 5

The Web Series, Part 1


Hi. Been a few weeks, goodness.

I’ve got no complaints. This website is and will be an extension of who I am as a writer and a person, and it shouldn’t be anymore than that. If it entertains and does anything else, hey that’s cool and all more the better. But the soul of a writer demands more than WordPress this and screenplay that. It demands compositions and an escalation so that the compositions can be used for more of an audience. This audience is great, and you’re all terrific lil’ readers, no doubt about it. But it’s time for more.

So let’s make a web series.

Back in December, I started writing a few pieces a month for a buddy’s website. Op-eds, usually less than a thousand words, nothing too heady or serious. Subsequent to that a few months in, this buddy of mine realized that he wasn’t too happy with where he was and what he was doing. It was a good site, but it wasn’t something that he was entirely proud of. So he blew up that site and we had a meeting. What to do next? Let’s get some shit on paper and see what we come up with. We came up with about 45-60 minutes worth of scripts that are going to be turned into weekly episodes of a comedy series. And it’s funny. Really fucking funny.

Those are the initial steps, anyways. Over the next month, we’ll be casting local actors in the Phoenix Metro area to be in our show. There isn’t an organized casting call yet, but if you or someone you know is an actor who is cool with not getting paid but is looking to have a great experience and build their reel with well-written and quality-produced content that they are featured in, this posting right here is where to direct them.

So that’s something. There’s always a few irons in the fire in doing other things, but this is the big project that this summer will be about. Because of this, drewisawriter.com will likely be out of commission during the last week in June and the first week in July. Shit gets busy, and we’ve got to focus our efforts and time.

Any creative person worth their salt and applying their trade to the projects that they’re passionate about will tell you the same thing.


Your Story. Your Way. Six Bucks Off!!



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