May 15

The Grit


I love a good Wednesday, and I hope you do too. Wednesday is a carrot that represents the weekend ahead of you. And if you work weird hours like most of us do, you’re going to get to pretend here. Or you could just sit there making an asshole out of yourself and commenting on YouTube about Jenna Marbles like a freak.

Oh, there’s that focus again. On about three hours of sleep after a terrific deadline grind last night, it was worth it. It’s always worth it. If you’re a creative person and you have a deadline to meet, don’t play with it that much. Tease yourself a little, but then just go do it and get shit done. Reach down inside yourself and find the ethic and determination that you know is inside of yourself.

Grit is exactly what a good writers needs. It’s what everyone needs, especially when it’s 105 degrees outside and the heat has drained every fiber of your being into a metaphor that doesn’t work in the middle of a fucking fuck sentence because you realize that fiber is already dry. So while I suck a bag of dicks apparently on those previous few (couple) hours of sleep last night, I’ll hardly complain.

If you want to get something done today, go above and beyond where you think you need to go. Struggle with it a little bit more. But then laugh about it, and use that levity to get the motherfucker done. It’s worth everything, and it always is.


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