May 19

Three Months Later…

It was time for a different direction. It wasn’t without risk, though.

I look back at the last three months of my life and I’m very glad that the risks were taken. And they continue to be taken. Things were really funky after I wrote CLAPPING. I want to take stock of that first.

CLAPPING is a book that I released back at the beginning of March is segments. It didn’t sell well. I’m really proud of the story that came out of it. The whole thing is a light-hearted romp through comedy and the relationship between a father and his son, amid the former’s rising stardom. No regrets at all, it just didn’t sell. Perhaps I need to revisit it and do something else with it. While it was going to be the first third of a trilogy, I seriously think it works about 20% better as a stand-alone story. Who knows. I need time away from it to be able to make the appropriate decision about it. I did say I’m writing six books by the end of 2015, and that is very much on track. There is an addition to how I get to be creative though, and that is with The Outliars.

Dave Thurston started an improv comedy troupe here in Phoenix a few years ago. He’s a wildly talented and versatile performer, trained by the best at Second City Chicago. He decided to invest in the floundering comedy scene of his home state those few years ago. I decided to start taking improv classes in March, which lined up nicely with finishing CLAPPING. Doing improv classes led to actually performing on-stage. It’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had doing anything ever.

Performing on-stage to make an audience laugh in less than 10 seconds is something I didn’t know I could do. But I get to do it on a regular basis now that I’m a Repertory Player with The Outliars. We’ve had some incredible crowds, and I’m having one of the best times of my life. It’s not just the performing…it’s the relationships I’m growing with like-minded people.

Very early in 2013, I was a part of a theater group that didn’t ever go anywhere. Kind of in the same vein as The Outliars, but the organization and the egos were all over the fucking place, so it blew up naturally within two months. I’m very pleased to say I met some of the best and most creative people that I’ve ever met with that little theater group, and still hang with a good few of them. It was the outlet of performing that was appealing. So while it wasn’t exactly happening with that group, it’s definitely happening with The Outliars.

So it was time for a different direction. I’m still a writer, hell yes…but I’m now also a performer.




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